Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 2 Potential Clinical Applications of Dental Stem Cells

Potential Clinical Applications of Dental Stem Cells

Veleska-Stevkovska Daniela, Peeva-Petreska Marija

Complex human tissues harbor stem cells and/or precursor cells, which are responsible for tissue development or regeneration. Recently, dental tissues such as periodontal ligament (PDL), dental papilla or dental follicle have been identified as easily accessible sources of undifferentiated cells. Dental precursor cells are attractive for usage in regenerative dentistry, like for example regeneration of the dental pulp (biopulp), gingiva and periodontium, regeneration of osseous defects and complete reconstruction of the temporomandibular joint. Dental stem cells are widely used in the regenerative medicine, also. Diabetes, diseases of the bone, cartilage, fibrous tissue, muscular and adipose tissue, the neurological diseases and the spinal cord injures are all included in the future cell-based therapies with dental stem cells.

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