Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 2 Using Magnets to Increase Retention of Lower Denture – Case Report

Using Magnets to Increase Retention of Lower Denture – Case Report

Alexandru-Titus Farcasiu, O.C. Andrei, E. Hutu

Oral diseases and the patient’s history of dental treatments can compromise important jawbone characteristics. If possible, extractions should be avoided for all patients who already suffered extensive bone loss because of the reduced stability and retention of the future denture, especially the lower one. Magnets increase retention of partial or complete dentures and overdentures regardless of the path of insertion. Magnets are easy to use alone or together with any type of retainers. Patient A.S., female, 62 years-old, referred the dental office for a complete rehabilitation complaining of chewing inefficiency and inesthetic appearance. The patient has a pathological history of osteoporosis and diabetes. The only mandibular tooth excepted from extraction was the canine (3.3) because of its good implantation and stability. After the surgical phase and the root canal treatment of 3.3, a cap-type magnetic attachment (Magfit, Aichi Steel Corporation, Japan) was applied. The technical simplicity, the usefulness for geriatric and handicapped patients, the increased control of jaw function trough the maintained periodontal ligament and the physiological action of magnetic forces in the tooth axis are arguments for the use of magnets.

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