Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 1 PATIENT’S INFORMATION ON MEDICAL ASPECTS


Cristina Teodora Preoteasa, Aurelian Dumitrache, Magdalena Enache, Laura Iosif, Elena Preoteasa


Aim. To gain knowledge on main features of patient information on medical aspects – their interest in the knowledge of the medical field, the motivation of their information about medical aspects, and their confidence in various resources of medical information. Method. A cross-sectional study, on a convenience sample of lay persons that previously addressed for medical care was conducted. For data collection a questionnaire that targeted finding out particularities of patient’s information about medical aspects was made. Results. Sixty-two participants, 23 men, 39 women, mean age of 35 years, were included. Study participants stated to be interested in knowing medical aspects, the majority (n=40; 64,5%) declaring to be “very interested” and “quite interested” about it. Participants’ motivation was mainly linked to knowing more about his/her own health problem or the one of a close person. Main sources of information were the Internet and a close person/friend with medical training. Patients declare to have the highest confidence in the information provided by the doctors, and secondly in information found out in the media. Conclusion. Patients exhibit a perceived need of information about the medical aspects, this needing being different according to individual features.

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