Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 2 THE CLINICAL METHODS TO MEASURE TOOTH WEAR


Ahmed Ali Saleh Obeyah, Ibrahim-Z-Al-Shami, Adina Oana Armencia


With a greater number of people living longer and tending to retain many natural teeth, the problems associated with tooth wear are likely to place greater demands upon dental professionals in the future. The aim of the study: was  measuring tooth wear in the agering dentition. Material and method: was selected the subiects in order to provide approximately 80 subjects over the age of 45-50 years, whose age, sex and social characteristics reflected the socio- demographic constitution. The study design and assessment of the level of tooth surface loss using the Tooth Wear Index. Results and discussions: Several indices have been produced in recognition of the need to quantify the amount of wear at both an individual and population level.  Several attempts have been made to develop an index to measure tooth wear for use at both the individual and population level. A review of these indices is undertaken .  

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