Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 1 CAD/CAM CHAIR-SIDE MATERIAL OPTIONS FOR ANTERIOR CROWNS


Raul Rotar, Anca Jivanescu, Cristiana Pricop, Izabela Toser, Raluca Todor, Codruţa Gruia, Mihai Fabricky


Aim of the study. This article present today options for materials utilized with chair-side CAD/CAM technology. Selection of the most appropriate material for anterior crowns depends on each individual clinical situation.

Materials and methods. Dental ceramics and processing technologies have been significantly improved in recent years, offering to opportunities for different type of restorations. Classification of materials for chair-side CAD/CAM technology is based on different criteria, like microstructure, characteristics, cementation protocol. When anterior region is involved, which case is presented in this article,  selecting the most convenient material and following the precise protocol, can lead to smile design enhancement.

Conclusions. Successful restorations of frontal teeth with CAD/CAM technology depends on good knowledge and understanding of the materials properties and clinical parameters, together with the precision of every step involved, from preparation, to scanning, designing, milling, to the final adhesive cementation.

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