Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 1 THE IMPACT OF PSYCHOTROPE MEDICATION ON ORAL HEALTH


Ilinca Untu, Galina Pancu, Magda Ecaterina Antohe, Roxana Chiriță, Alexandra Boloș


Aim of the study The present paper aims to achieve a brief presentation of the oral health problems derived from the long-term administration of the psychotropic medication, in order to emphasize the importance of educating the population and the health specialists how to prevent the oral pathology that can lead to various disabilities, further reducing the quality of life of the patient with mental disorders with chronic evolution. Material and methods The article is structured as a synthesis of recent literature, published in prestigious magazines.

Results The results of these studies show that almost all psychiatric medicines, especially antipsychotics, antidepressants and timostabilizers, most commonly cause xerostomia, sialorrhea, implicit dental caries or gingival bleeding. Conclusions Knowing these complications from the oral sphere, medically induced in patients undergoing long-term psychiatric treatment, may lead to the establishment of adequate preventive measures, thus increasing the quality of life of the patients and thus avoiding the more serious complications arising from persistent adverse effects.

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