Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2010,Numarul 3 Posttherapeutic Feedback Evaluation in Oral Rehabilitation

Posttherapeutic Feedback Evaluation in Oral Rehabilitation

Sami Sandhaus, Norina Forna

Objectives: The goal of this study was to assess the subjective post-therapeutic feedback for a group of patients in order to evaluate the possibility of including in the analysis structure of expert system psycho-behavioral parameters. Methods: 135 patients diagnosed with class I and II Kennedy edentation, aged between 40 and 89 years old, where clinically examined. All patients filled in structured questionnaires focused on psycho-behavioral parameters. Results: Prosthetic treatment in oral rehabilitation improves subjective perception of facial aesthetic (66,86% total and moderate accord), psychological status (71,14% total and moderate accord) and of the social relations (77,47% total, moderate and low accord) but it is not subjective associated with the improving of general health (55,49% disagreement). Conclusions: We can establish statistical support correlation between psycho-behavioral parameters and therapeutic solutions applied in oral rehabilitation, correlation that can be later quantified and use in the development of an expert system.

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