Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 1 ORAL MANIFESTATIONS IN LIVER DISEASES


Cringuta Paraschiv, Cristina Gavrilescu, Irina Cotea, Irina Esanu, Rodica Ghiuru, D. Munteanu

Chronic hepatitis C infection is a worldwide health problem because it causes chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. Chronic liver diseases may induce several oral manifestations due to impairment of coagulation, thrombocytopenia or association with diabetes mellitus but hepatic C virus can give rise to a broad spectrum of nonhepatic manifestations.
Aim. The purpose of this report was to evaluate the association between oral manifestation and chronic viral hepatitis.
Material and methods. We examined 230 patients suffering from chronic hepatitis C and 150 patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection. We investigated the possible associations between HCV and oral diseases.
Results. The prevalence of lichen planus, sialadenitis and abnormal salivary secretion was higher in patients with HCV infection than in patients with chronic hepatitis B. The periodontal disease was more frequent in patients with HCV probably due to the high prevalence of diabetes mellitus.
Conclusions. HCV infection is a relatively common infection worldwide. It is usually an asymptomatic disease with normal or minimally elevated transaminases. HCV infection is associated with a number of extrahepatic manifestations that may include oral diseases such as lichen planus or sialadenitis. The HCV positive patient may require particular management when dental treatment is required due to bleeding disorders, defective metabolism of many drugs and the risk of nosocomial transmission of HCV.

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