Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 2 DENTAL CHAIR VERTEBRAL ARTERY DISSECTION


Dana Mihaela Turliuc, A.I.Cucu,Claudia Florida Costea


Extradural vertebral artery dissection is a condition with a generally good prognosis if it is promptly recognized and treated. Diagnosis and consequently therapy delay may cause extensive ischemia with catastrophic consequences, due to embolism from the thrombus in the vessel wall or its extension. Considering these aspects and also its low incidence, the identification and treatment of this condition must be immediate, all the more, so as its onset is deceitful by occipital headache and neck pain. The association between vertebral artery dissection and dental procedures has been previously noticed. This paper aims to describe the etiopathogenesis and clinical recognition of dental chair vertebral artery dissection for a prompt neurosurgical intervention, in order to have a good prognosis. 

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