Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2010,Numarul 3 Child Physical Abuse from the Perspective of Pediatric Dentistry

Child Physical Abuse from the Perspective of Pediatric Dentistry

Savin Carmen, B.lan Adriana, Petcu Ana, Maxim A., Earar K., Bălan Gh.

Child physical abuse is a complex problem, of great topical interest, a severe social problem, with direct implications on the dento-somato-facial harmony and on the psycho-mental and intellectual development of the child. Aim. To highlight the oro-maxillo-facial signs of physical abuse and the role of the pediatric dentists in identifying and evaluating this signs of physical abuse. Material and Method. The study was carried out on a sample of 299 abused subjects (218 boys and 81 girls) aged between 6-18 y.o. from Iasi rural and urban area. The data were analyzed and statistically processed and the results were synthesized with the help of a descriptive and correlative study. Results. The physical abuse has serious consequences in oro-dento-facial area, that consists especially in soft tissue lesions – 62.11%, dento-periodontal trauma (fractures, luxations, concussions, avulsions) – 19.47%, mandible fractures – 7.89% facial massif fractures – 7.89% and temporo-mandibular joint lesions – 2.63%. Conclusion. Pediatric dentist should to be legally qualified and morally entitled to report to report when s/he suspects any physical abuse against the child.

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