Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 4 Bone Density Changes In Patients With Periodontal Disease

Bone Density Changes In Patients With Periodontal Disease

Silvia Teslaru, Liviu Zetu, Danisia Haba, Constanta Mocanu, Silvia Martu, Sorina Solomon

Common radiologic exams offer information about the presence and type of marginal bone loss, but they cannot provide any data on the bone density assessment. Materials and methods We selected 69 CT scans of patients with different degrees of the supporting periodontal tissue diseases, and measured the interdental septum density. Results The present study confirms the dental CT scanning utility in diagnostic imaging of the proximal, interdental bone. The results of the mean alveolar bone density measurements in different depths of the interdental septum show that its correlation with periodontal diseases becomes evident between at a depth of 3 up to 5.5mm. Conclusion Classic or volumetric CT scanning provide valuable data on the interdental bone density, information that cannot be obtained with the same accuracy by any other classic radiologic exam

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