Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation Numarul 3 BASIC ASPECTS OF ADHESION IN DENTAL STRUCTURES


B.M. Galbinasu, R. Ilici, G.Vasilescu,I. Patrascu


       The socio-economic development, the speed of circulation of information, but especially the patients’ expectations and requirements, have led to the development of very advanced materials and technologies in terms of the intrinsic properties and aesthetic point of view of the material.

       An important aspect in the morpho-functional reconstruction of absent tissues is related to direct reconstruction materials and fixation of indirect restorations. These, together with the related adhesive systems, are the main actors in the development with the tissue interface that is to be restored, which is why the field of biomaterial production, testing and characterization is extremely developed and has a very rapid growth rate.

       In all cases of direct and indirect dental restorations an essential place is the interface made with the dental hard structures and especially the marginal closure offered by the restoration-cement resin assembly. All the failures presented in the literature are based on this interface area and its physico-chemical properties. From this point of view, in order for the restorations to be successful in the long run, besides the biotolerance and the biocompatibility that they have to offer, increased attention must be paid to the contact area with the dental structures and the stages in which they are achieved.

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