Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2013,Numarul 1 Statistical Study On Diabetes Mellitus Incidence In Periodontally Affected Patients

Statistical Study On Diabetes Mellitus Incidence In Periodontally Affected Patients

Oana Potarnichie, Manuela Arbune, Irina Ursarescu, Silvia Martu

Introduction Diabetes mellitus effects on oral cavity level are significant, affecting all the stomatognathic system components. Oral cavity tissues on diabetes mellitus patients are affected by diseases with a higher incidence, worse evolution and more frequent complication. The aim of the study The purpose of the present paper consists in a statistical study of diabetes mellitus presence in patients with different periodontal affections. Materials and method This study was conducted on 22 diabetes mellitus patients. We analysed the general information of the patients, general complications due to diabetes mellitus, and the type of the oral manifestations. Each patient was examined to assess the modifications on teeth, periodontium, oral mucosa and tongue mucosa. The clinical examination was accompanied by radiologic examinations on panoramic radiographs. Results and discussions We observed a moderate value of the plaque index but a value of 3 of the gingival inflammation index on approximately ¾ of the patients. The tooth loss had mixed causes, by carious disease and its complications and also by periodontal disease. In this study we found 4 patients with unimaxillar edentation, 15 patients with partially reduced and extended edentations and 3 patients with no tooth loss. Conclusions The present study confirms World Health Organisation reports. We demonstrated a periodontal involvement determined by the bacterial plaque but modulated and intensified by the metabolic pathology and its pathogenic mechanisms.

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