Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 4 Image Quality Assessment Of Orthopantomograms

Image Quality Assessment Of Orthopantomograms

Mioara Decusara, Viorica Milicescu

Orthopantomography examination is a method of dental and maxillofacial radiology and consists of a panoramic image, the overall of a dental arches, the elements supporting the teeth, the maxillofacial skeleton and the related anatomical structures (maxillary sinus, nasal complex, temporomandibular joints, ets.), recorded on a large format radiographic film. Practitioners that recommend orthopantomograms should be aware and had knowledge about radiation doses, risks to patients, previous exposure history, so as to affect the patient less. To achieve a high-quality image of orthopantomogram need special attention to the correct positioning of the patient, followed by the optimal processing of the radiograph. Many deviation from the correct panoramic technique can lead to the production of a low quality of orthopantomograms and this may compromise or prevent the diagnosis.

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