Romanian Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 2011,Numarul 4 Dual Effects Of Flavonoids On Dyslipidemia And Periodontal Disease

Dual Effects Of Flavonoids On Dyslipidemia And Periodontal Disease

Sonia Nanescu, Silvia Martu, Georgeta Ciomaga, Vasilica Toma, Doriana Forna, Liliana Foia

Introduction The association periodontal disease-systemic status has a dynamic role and is bi-directional therefore none of the two can be studied independently. Objective Taking into consideration that an increased level of lipids represents a risk predictor for atherosclerosis we aimed to investigate a group of patients that presented both, periodontal disease and dyslipidemia. Materials and methods After careful evaluation of systemic and periodontal indexes, we separated the initial group into three separate subgroups. In one subgroup we administered concentrated green tea, consumed as such and through rinsing after each teeth brushing, a second group was administered capsules of flavonoids and our third group was the control group where the classical treatment for the systemic and periodontal condition was administered. Results We noticed that the systemic biochemical parameters improved with the green tea or flavonoid administrations even better than the control group. A significant reduction of the gingival bleeding index was recorded both, in the green tea consumers group as well as in the group of patients that followed the flavonoid treatment. Conclusions Through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and actions on matrix metalloproteinases the green tea seem to slow the evolution of periodontal disease. The comparable anti-hyperlipemiant results of flavonoids capsules and green tea suggest another additional treatment tool besides the classical options when treating the systemic condition. Both the systemic and periodontal state seemed to improve when the green tea or flavonoids were administered

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