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I. Cookie Usage Policy

I.1. The Website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) uses cookies or small files containing information sent by the user’s browser server (that is, the person visiting the Website, hereinafter referred to as the “User”) and allow the server to store data that can be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for their installation. In general, cookies can be classified: (i) depending on the entity that manages them, they may be owned (in this case, by the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society or other persons, (ii) depending on the time they remain active in the user’s computer, may be temporary or permanent files, (iii) depending on purpose, may be technical files (necessary for browsing), customization files (allow access to the Website with a set of features established by the User) analysis (allow analysis and tracking of user behavior), advertising files (management of advertising spaces) or behavioral advertising files (advertising on the Website) The website is managed by the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society

I.2. The website uses foreign files in order to analyze and make a statistic of visitors to the Website, as well as to use comments on the Website. These files are:

– _utma // _ utmb // _ utmc // _ utmz // _ utmt // APISID // HSID // NID // PREF // S // SID // _ ga // _ gat //
These files belong to Google Analytics, a web statistics service. Generate the ID of an anonymous user that is used to store the user’s visits to the Website. Also, the first and last visit of the Website is recorded. Lastly, it calculates when the connection session, the origin of the user and the keywords used to search on Google to reach the Website are completed;

a11y // act // c_user // csm // datr // fr // p // presence // s // x-referer // xs // These files belong to Facebook, the online social media platform;
APISID // GED_PLAYLIST_ACTIVITY // GEUP // HSID // LOGIN_INFO // NID // PREF // SAPISID // SID // SSID // T9S2P.resume // VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE // YSC // _utma // _utmc // __utmz // _ga // dkv // s_gl // wide // –
These files belong to Youtube .;

_twitter_sess // auth_token // lang // twid //
These files are used by Twitter, the online social media platform.

_utma // _utmz // _b // _pinterest_cm // _pinterest_pfob // csrftoken // These files are used by Pinterest, the online social media platform.

I.3. In order to prevent it from installing the files, the User will be informed of the use of the files and will be able to access this document via a link to obtain more information about the files on the Website. After being informed of the existence of these files, the User may perform the following actions:

may continue or close the “Cookie Alert”, which will be considered an express agreement for the use of cookies;
can change the browser settings to not install the files and / or delete the files already installed (which means revoking the agreement to install them). If these options are chosen, the Website may not function properly and / or may restrict User access to certain features of the Website.

I.4. To block one or more files, the User can change the browser configuration settings.

II. Privacy policy

II.1. Personal data that the User provides through one of the forms available on the Website in order to access and / or use certain services, but also for any other personal information related to the User to be sent to the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society in order to use the services of the Website, will be included in a database of the Romanian Dental Association for Education

These data will be used to provide, control, enhance and improve the services provided through the Website.

II.2. The collected personal data will be processed in compliance with the legal provisions in force.

II.3. The user expressly and unequivocally agrees to the use of personal data for the purposes described above and will be able to exercise his right of information, right of access, right of opposition, right to intervene, right to address the law and the right not to be subject to an individual decision; these rights are exercised by written request, signed and dated to the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society, Str. M. Kolganiceanu Nr2, Iasi, with the exception of the right to address to justice, which is exercised by written request submitted to the competent court.

II.4. The Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data received from the User and consequently has adopted the security level required by the personal data protection rules and has installed, as far as possible, appropriate technical means, proportionate to the resources available to avoid loss, degradation, unauthorized access and theft of personal data.

II.5. The Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society does not transmit the personal data of the User to third parties. Also, the Association of the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society for Education will be able to disclose the personal data of the candidates of the public authorities in order to prevent, investigate, discover and sanction the offenses and offenses in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

II.6. The Website or services may contain links to other websites and / or forms or services managed by third parties. The Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society does not control the respective websites and / or third-party forms. The user will need to consult and verify the privacy policy of those websites / services before accessing or using them, with full responsibility for this, the Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Society being relieved of any liability in this respect.

III. Final terms

For the avoidance of doubt, the User agrees that visiting the Website and continuing to browse the Website constitutes its express and unambiguous consent to the full content of the Cookie Policy, including the processing of personal data in accordance with this document.

The Romanian Oral Rehabilitation Company reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time modify the provisions of the Cookie Usage Policy without prior notice by the User. In this regard, the User undertakes to keep up-to-date on the content of these policies and / or provisions by consulting the Website.

Last updated: May 23, 2018.